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Safety Tip #39

Take two seconds to pause and look around as you enter your destination: 

  • Does anything seem out of place?
  • Is anyone present who shouldn’t be there or who isn’t expected?
  • All tips are taken from NAR's REALTOR® Safety Resource Kit. Direct your members to your own association website or to NAR's safety web pages at for more information on the important topic of REALTOR® safety.

September is REALTOR Safety Month

September is NAR's REALTOR Safety Month.  As such, NAR will be providing a free webinar on September 14th to members.  Simply click here to register.  In addition, be sure to check out MAR's Safety Page for more safety tips, video's and useful broker/manager office practices.  Remember - Safety comes first!!

GRI 300 - Starts October 4th

MAR will be holding GRI Series 300 starting October 4th.  GRI 300 will be held October 4, 11, 13,18 and 20, 2016, and will be held at MARs office in Annapolis.  Click here to register for GRI 300 Series.

Discovering Commercial Real Estate

If you've ever thought about entering the Commercial real estate field, check our NAR's "Discovering Commercial Real Estate" on-line course.  Develop a better understanding of the differences and responsibilities of Commercial vs. Residential real estate.

Window to the Law

Keep up-to-date on legal issues within the industry.  View NAR's video's featuring legal representatives discussing timely matters.  Don't make fatal mistakes - view these NAR Window to the Law Videos and remember to periodically visit this page for important updates.

Ethics Videos Available

Now that Spring is here and in many markets activity is increasing, it's a great time to brush up on ethical conducted and NAR's Code of Ethics, as members of NAR.  NAR has created a series of short Ethics Videos, broken down by Article, that are great reminders and material for sales meetings and group discussions.  For more comprehensive information on professionalism and NARs Code of Ethics, please review here.

Continuing Education Look Up

Access your Education History (starting 1/1/13) through the Real Estate Commissions portal.

Membership Ethics Training - Due by 12/31/16

As members of the National Association of REALTORS, all members are required to take Code of Ethics training as part of their membership requirement.  Please note this training is due by 12/31/2016!  Please don't wait - get it done NOW!  If you haven't already taken an ethics course, consider taking NAR's on-line training to meet your membership requirement (no CE credit) by clicking here.

GRI 2016 Schedule Available

View newly added GRI 2016 Series schedule here!

Member Monthly Education SPECIALS

View this months monthly Education Specials.
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