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MAR represents Maryland REALTORS® by making your voice heard in Congress and at the State Legislature. Our primary concern is protecting your professional and business interests. Our Legislative and Public Policy Committees develop a straightforward political agenda to: support and develop legislation that helps our industry and oppose legislation that hurts the free transfer of real estate. The Legislative Committee typically reviews over 200 pieces of legislation and regulations each year...

All Member Call for Action Opposing SB 266/HB 281

ATTN:  Maryland REALTORS - All Member Alert to Senate and House, opposing septic legislation SB 266/HB 281.  (Thank you if you took action before, however, we are NOW targeting both Senate and House Members, so please TAKE ACTION HERE again to include additional target recipient(s). As always, thank you for your advocacy efforts.)  For additional background information, please...

HUD Suspends Mortgage Insurance Rate Cut for FHA Loans

The Mortgage Insurance Rate Cut for FHA-insured mortgages was suspended indefinitely by HUD.  The rate reduction was scheduled to take effect January 27th.

Septic Legislation HB 281/SB 266

MAR opposes HB 281/SB 266 which expands the Best Available Technology (BAT) septic systems outside of Maryland's Critical Areas.

Homebuyer Savings Accounts

MAR is supporting legislation that will create tax-free homebuyer savings accounts.  The accounts would only apply to state taxes.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

MAR is supporting legislation to provide assistance to some homebuyers buying new property with automatic fire sprinklers.

Open House Legislation

MAR is supporting legislation to give seller's agents the ability to discuss other properties with buyers at open houses.

Septic Rule Changes Take Effect November 24th

A regulation limiting Best Available Technology (BAT) septic systems will take effect on November 24th, 2016.

MAR Supports Septic Regulation

The Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR) submitted a comment letter to the Maryland Department of Environment in support of a proposed septic regulation.   MAR believes the regulation will improve housing affordability, preserve important pollution protections, and strengthen the legal authority for the current septic program.

Helpful Maryland County Local Government and Code Links

One stop research page with Maryland County and Code links via Maryland Manual.

Governor Announces Plan to Roll Back Septic Rule

UPDATED (083016) - Governor Hogan announced plans to roll back regulations that require best available technology (BAT) septic systems for most new homes in Maryland.

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