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MAR represents Maryland REALTORS® by making your voice heard in Congress and at the State Legislature. Our primary concern is protecting your professional and business interests. Our Legislative and Public Policy Committees develop a straightforward political agenda to: support and develop legislation that helps our industry and oppose legislation that hurts the free transfer of real estate. The Legislative Committee typically reviews over 200 pieces of legislation and regulations each year...

Targeted Call for Action Opposing SB 266

UPDATED 3/7:  Maryland REALTORS - All Member Alert to Senate and House, opposing septic legislation SB 266/HB 281.  The Senate voted last Thursday and the bill failed (22 to 23), however, it was then voted back for reconsideration Friday (3/3).  After much debate -- the Senate voted to lay the bill over again until Monday 3/6. On Monday and Tuesday, the Senate again voted to Special Order the bill, now until Wednesday.  We still need your help; please email opposition before Monday evening.   TAKE ACTION HERE 

Calls to the Senate also will be helpful on Monday.  If you know you're Senator, just call 1-800-492-7122 and ask to be transfered to their office and urge opposition to SB 266/HB 281. If not, you may find out here (Who represents me?) and follow the link to see their number.

  Take Action Here Urging your Delegate(s) and Senator to OPPOSE SB 266/HB 281.

Background. Currently, both the House and Senate are considering proposed legislation (SB 266/HB 281) that would significantly impact housing affordability on new construction throughout most of Maryland.  The bill requires expensive septic systems costing $10,000 more than conventional systems!  The legislation reverses a regulation just passed in November that limited these systems to areas close to the Bay where they work more efficiently. MAR has issued an All-Member Call for Action opposing SB 266/HB 281, urging REALTOR and/or homeowner constituents to email their Delegates to OPPOSE SB 266/HB 281.

Also, you can review MAR's SB 266/HB 281 Questions & Answers here before contacting your Delegate(s)/Senator to better understand this somewhat complex issue.  (MAR's Testimony Opposing SB 266/HB 281.) 

Here’s the link again, please be sure to Take Action Urging House and Senate Opposition to SB 266/HB 281As always, many thanks for your advocacy efforts.

posted @ Tuesday, February 07, 2017 2:46 PM by Mitchell2255